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Yay, I love QualityBox even more!

  1. There are a ton of extensions integrated in QualityBox
  2. A single domain example.com can have as many wikis as they want all at sub-domains: hr.example.com, marketing.example.com, engineering.example.com
  3. Visual Editor, and the Elastic Search extensions are probably the most requested, and hardest to implement extensions.
  4. SemanticMediaWiki is incredibly useful as it turns your wiki into a freeform database; enabling all sorts of applications.
  5. We've implemented GlusterFS for a redundant, scalable, filesystem
  6. We've implemented various caching services like Memcached and other caches for increased throughput

Ready to get your own QualityBox? Head over to https://QualityBox.us

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Now with sub-domain support! and features added daily!